Guillaume Krattinger

        A simple belief, in the heart of my work, lies in the fact that everything around us contains and releases arrangements of forms which look communicative, latent sculptures or signs. Everything is at stake at that very moment, in the interpretation of the world, there, where the eye deciphers reality.

       Photography to me is obviously revealing these facts : it is intended to capture those faint moments where things come to life. It is the poetic act that transforms and gives importance to our environment.

        Abandoned places, peripheries, waste and nature that colonize them, are subjects that punctuate my journey from Tchernobyl to polluted rivers via the marble quarries of Carrara, always the same obsession: the one of a world that talks about its history, its scars and its . A complete universe of materials, traces, textures which are part of our environment is developed as a vocabulary feeding my imagination.

        And when reality is inadequate, it is through sculpture that places work out, like latent photos. Once again poetic act operates and by repainting the world, by acting on it my sculptures are created. It is a language of textures such as coal, milk, iron and materials full of meanings which, once implemented, evokes the landscapes of mind, fable or dream of our world.

        All those processes of nourishment and of digestion, of materials being altered, of oxidation, of transition from one omnipresent state to another, seem to be reflections of our living social organization absorbed by my eye and shaped by the imagination of my hands. It is by a look at our world, a look that lingers where common people never or rarely go, that I try to reconstruct the puzzle from its pieces, to understand our society before sifting it through metamorphosis.

        It is through this way that I attempt to reveal what hides, is invisible, a breath, a shimmer. Attempting to transcribe this tenuous link between visible and invisible, I try to convey to the viewer a sensitive experiment. I move closer to the initial experience of “epiphany” that generates these images, the one which make me press the shutter and isolate a short instant from the world.